Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

My Zimbio
This morning was humid enough as I slid the staff with American flag into the fitting on our front porch. I reflected on those we lost in Afghanistan and Iraq. The song I heard recently, "Let him win or bring him home," which reminded me of the Vietnam War. So many lost in WWII, WWI, our Civil War and the other "minor" squirmishes. Of course, there is no "minor" squirmish, if someone lost a sweetheart, a parent, a sibling or a limb.

I am thankful for those sacrifices... those who gave themselves, and those who gave loved ones. Often, we didn't intend to give... we thought we'd just visit, lend a hand, then come back to happy lives. But something happened. Today, we are helping people acheive Sharia law... something we don't fully endorse, but in the context of tribal justice, sure looks like rule of law and "fair" even without some sort of mandate from Allah.

Yes, something happened... for you and so many. Be thankful for our freedom of expression, of religion, a right to the pursuit of happiness. Something happened, not so nice, to so many... so that you may have something better. God bless them, and God bless you.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


My Zimbio
Name your favorite blogs. Who do you follow on Twitter? What newspapers do you read? Weekly periodicals? Do you read them in electronic form, or (still) get them delivered to your doorstep or mailbox?

Admittedly, I'm electronic. Narrowly targeted, internet delivered, spot on my professional and personal interests... but how many major headlines do I miss? Certainly, I've become bored with network news, the "fashion" nature of what gets reported and the typically shallow fashion we hear about the world.

I can't afford to spend all day staying informed. The barrage of information can be exhausting. Guess I'll continue to read what I think makes sense. Suggestions, please!

Friday, May 20, 2011


My Zimbio
Eighteen months ago I wrote a blog post about President Obama's "Cyber Czar" selection. Rumours I was tracking were wrong: Howard Schmidt accepted the role (not Frank Cramer). Earlier this week Howard Schmidt stood on stage with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Commerce (and presumed soon-to-be Ambassador to China) Gary Locke, Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano, DepSecDef Bill Lynn and Asst to the Pres John Brennan to announce the US "International Strategy for Cyberspace."

I haven't read the document yet (though I downloaded it from, but it looks like Howard Schmidt is getting some work done. Bravo, Howard! Congrats on getting all those people on stage and heralding US goals for promoting trust on the internet, around the world. A worthy cause, to be sure!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good morning!

My Zimbio
How are dynamics in start-up America? Reports are there hasn't been a better time to start something new for quite some time... those reports seem off-base to me. Various laws apparently designed to protect investors provide limited protection on that front, while administrative requirements for the small business have become increasingly complicated and expensive. As if the challenges of finding and building a fresh, compelling offering weren't enough! A generation of college graduates face a terrible job market... even worse than the many troughs we've observed during the last twenty years. Let's move beyond it, America!

We can get beyond the spiderweb of protective laws with a drive to deliver exceptional value-- damn the risk, full speed ahead! Perhaps Congress can help us out along the way....