Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why eWISEinc LLC?

My Zimbio Why the eWISEinc blog, you ask? Where can a person maximize contribution in a world of constant improvements and change?  We want to deliver decisive efficiencies for linchpin sectors, and add value via a well integrated, best in class, approach.

eWISEinc LLC is considering solutions such as the one shown here:

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reasonable Steps

My Zimbio Earlier this morning I reposted a blog entry proposing giving weapons concealed carry permits (CCW) precedence over "gun-free zones for schools" to allow teachers to carry a firearm (or have a firearm present, perhaps in a nearby lock box).  The original blog is here:

A friend responded to my repost with a question about whether there was an armed guard at Colombine, suggesting that one armed individual wouldn't be very helpful.  Other comments suggest Europe is safer due to gun laws.  This blog is my reply.

A lone gunman killed 72 people one July day in Scandinavia (2011). In Mumbai, India, where gun laws are even more restrictive, a few buddies held law enforcement at bay for three days in 2008, killing 166 people.  The NRA suggestion that armed guards be placed in all schools seems heavy handed, but I am also concerned with some of the "weapons ban" conversations that are sweeping social media.  

Truth be told, I didn't own a firearm until after my first Iraq deployment, where I was prohibited from carrying a weapon.  When I returned to the US, I decided to exercise my self-evident right to own a firearm.  Since then I have purchased several additional firearms (mostly to address specific hunting quarry) and received some guns from my Dad.  I don't own anything that qualifies as an assault rifle (under anyone's definition), although I probably would acquire such a rifle in 308 caliber should budgets allow.

 So my life probably would be affected if an assault weapon ban is enacted, although I wouldn't become an automatic felon (as would some of my friends, who own one or several such rifles for hunting or target work).  

I think state-level laws allowing teachers and other school employees with CCW permits to carry in an otherwise gun-free zone make sense and would be effective.  We shouldn't force all teachers to carry guns, or even require every school have an armed staff-member.  We should make it legal for a former member of our Armed Forces, or otherwise trained person, to carry a firearm in the school where they work.

I believe a broad ban would be a bad idea and not very effective.