Sunday, September 8, 2013


My Zimbio  Should the nation eliminate chem-capable weapons in Syria, forge forth with Obama-care or cut budgets to sequestration targets?  Shall we repeal Obama-care, and if so, how? 

The first part of these questions:  Shall we?  Key policy questions that drive to the kind of people we are and how we feel the world should approach problems and opportunities. 

But the second:  if so, how?  I can help you with that efficiency challenge.  Yes, "Shall we" questions are very important to me.  My opinions are well considered (when enacted, result in good things!)...

But "if so, how," is where I earn my living.  Not writing reports.  But making it so.  Clinger-Cohen.  IC ITE.  And more practical, more immediate also. 

But the time has come to examine personal "shall we's" for tomorrow.  Then consider the "if so, how's."  Onward.  Upward.