Thursday, November 27, 2014

History: Obamacare

My Zimbio   It was March 31, 2014.  That was the day we are obligated to register for health insurance under Obama's Affordable Care Act.  Coincidentally that day was my last day of coverage under General Dynamics' health coverage (although COBRA coverage was a pricey option).  Here is my account of my attempt to register for Obamacare:

This morning (7:15am) I visit and select my state (Virginia). Before I click, "register," I return to the original page and click on the "Small business" tab.  The website says if I register NLT the 15th of the month, my employees will receive healthcare NLT the first day of the next month.  I return to the "individual" option and click on the "register" button. I receive this message:  "Website is undergoing maintenance.  Please try again later." 

At this point I see a pop-up at the upper right corner of my browser window providing me the opportunity to share my personal information with various insurance agents.  Is this pop-up an official "service" via or presented to me via Microsoft's Internet Explorer and someone's ad campaign?  I don't know and transfer to my blog to record my experience thus far...

When I return to, it says "We have alot of visitors right now.  We need you to wait here so we can insure you have a good experience on our site."  There is a link which will list important documents and numbers.  The "insurance agent" pop-up returns.  I click on the "important documents and numbers" link.  A new tab appears in my Internet Explorer.  This tab page is completely blank. 

7:45... I return to the original tab and see it is still asking me to wait.  The "insurance agent" pop-up is there.  I also see I can provide my email address for information later or call the help desk.  I return to my blog to document experience...

8:00 .... I can't get rid of the Insurance Agent pop-up or scroll to the help desk information.  I assume this is a problem with my Internet Explorer or computer and switch back to my blog....

8:08 ... The color of site changes, so I assume I am finally in.  I attempt to click in, but the site is unresponsive.

9:45... I am finally able to create an account.  I am deluged with pop-ups and attempt to log in.  The system informs me I am "locked out."  I reboot my computer.

10:20... I attempt to log in again.  The system confirms:  I am locked out.  I decide to elect COBRA for the time being... 

Home for Thanksgiving

My Zimbio  Opted to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and sis-in-law's family this year... last year, had my little princess and we made the trip together.  Although I was "in town" for a reunion this summer, haven't driven through the neighborhood in some time.

Drove down the "main drag" where I grew up.  Many empty store fronts... seems the only businesses that haven't changed are the cleaners!!  The state Motor Vehicles HQ is in my home town... they built a new building for that... the old one has been transformed into a rickety government office building.

The farm where I had my first job appears exactly the same (still needs a coat of paint!)... the garden shop where my bro and I sold cactuses (our first business) is still there, with the same name, though I understand they went bankrupt in the '90's and operate under new management.

Reflecting that this town had nothing for my MBA (short of falling in on one of the big insurance companies)... Mom and Dad aren't here any longer and our old home is painted cream (for shame!)... the tree fort must have been torn down years ago.

Great to see my brother and his family!