Thursday, February 2, 2017

NATO Update

My Zimbio  The Wall Street Journal reported on February 2, 2017, that "NATO Scraps Ukraine Security Meeting." Although Russia and Russian-backed separatists are escalating violence from Donbass, Ukraine, President Trump suggests dropping sanctions on Russia while Europe (from the NATO alliance) has cancelled talks with Ukraine about including it under a missile-defense system.

Recent shelling has killed a dozen Ukrainian Soldiers, wounding many more and damaging water, electricity and heating for 17,000 people in Avdiivka.  Europe is reluctant to help in spite of "The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe's Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine" report that fighting is severe as any that it has observed in Donetsk, Ukraine (WSJ, p.A8). 

Several weeks later Secretary of Defense Mattis had supportive words for NATO.  The same week Secretary of State Tillerson also strongly supported the Minsk Accords, the ceasefire in Ukraine (picture of Ukraine Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin with Secretary Tillerson some weeks after the comment about the Minsk Accords).

In Syria, Russia is meeting its goals to keep Assad/naval ports in place, while in Ukraine, casualties continue to mount... The United States needs to do more!

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